Hostodo 要上天?

Dear Hostodo client,

We have decided to take the next step forward with our services, and are working on changes that will make your experience as a Hostodo client better.

We are going to be migrating all of our virtual private server services onto our own, colocated hardware. The new hardware will offer a big performance increase over what we are currently offering.

We'll also be operating on a new and improved network with this migration. 

These migrations are beginning today. We are performing online/live migrations to prevent any downtime or service interruption.

This migration will incur an IP change. Both old and new IPs will be functional on your VPS until May 31st. On May 31st, the IP swap will be finalized and the old IP will no longer function properly. If you'd prefer, you can ticket in for an IP swap before the 31st, but the swap will be applied across all servers on the 31st.

We expect that you will be greatly satisfied with the increase in performance and overall quality of service!

We will continue to send emails regarding the status of the migration and other, more specific information regarding the migration, the IP swap (including exact new IPs), and other information soon.

Thank you,