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Programming Resources

With Apple technologies, it’s easy to create localized apps that perform seamlessly on iOS and macOS regardless of language. Take advantage of Auto Layout to automatically adjust the dimensions and layouts of views, extensive Unicode support to work with text from any language, the powerful text-handling technologies of Cocoa and Cocoa Touch to display, lay out, and edit text in many languages, and much more.

WWDC Session Videos

Internationalization Best Practices
What’s New in International User Interfaces
What’s New in Internationalization
New UIKit Support for International User Interfaces
Localizing with Xcode 6
Making Apps Adaptive, Part 1
Making Apps Adaptive, Part 2
Making Your App World-Ready
Internationalization Tips and Tricks
Advanced Topics in Internationalization
Mysteries of Auto Layout, Part 1
Mysteries of Auto Layout, Part 2

Documentation and Sample Code

Internationalization and Localization Guide
Data Formatting Guide
Language Identifiers in iOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS
Internationalization and Localization for iOS
Localization Glossaries